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Issues & Priorities
Overcoming the Challenges Facing El Paso County Residents 

My commitment to serving El Paso County residents runs deep. As your County Commissioner, I will fight for our freedoms, our values, and our rights. We need strong people to hold this line, hold this seat, and fight for what is right. As a military veteran, former fire lieutenant, current EMS Professional and law enforcement officer, I have the experience and fortitude to address these issues within our county.

Take a look at some of my priorities below to see how I plan bring my boots-on-the-ground perspective to helping El Paso County families and businesses thrive in these difficult times, ensuring a better future for us all.


I grew up in a border town.

We cannot allow those problems here. Reckless border policy threatens to bring drugs, crime, and overwhelming waste to our backyard.

I support legal immigration, and I take a strong stance against sanctuary cities.

Holding the Line

We've seen what happens when our current leadership falls in line with Denver and allows them to impose their will on local governments.

Denver is reaping the disastrous consequences of their Sanctuary City policy and has proposed plans to unload those problems onto surrounding counties like ours. We need strong leaders who will take a firm stand against those kinds of attempts to assert their dominance. We cannot allow Governor Polis and Denver to force their bad policy on smaller jurisdictions that made better decisions.

A Great Place to Live, Work, and Raise a Family

As County Commissioner, I believe that we need to carefully consider every decision we make, taking into account its impact on our community, both now and in the future.

I am committed to creating a prosperous community that does not outpace our infrastructure or deplete our natural resources.

I will also prioritize support for recruiting and retaining an emergency services workforce that keeps up with our community's growing needs.


We live in a beautiful place. But it won't stay that way if we don't balance land use and resource management decisions with building and maintaining infrastructure that supports it.


Families have a budget.

Politicians should too.

I will prioritize necessities, eliminate waste, and ensure taxpayer dollars are used efficiently and responsibly.

Discipline Drives Prosperity

Sensible property tax rates and a county budget that reflects the values of our community are essential for ensuring long term stability and growth. Young families deserve to live in neighborhoods where they can plant roots and grow. Seniors deserve to retire with dignity, peacefully enjoy the homes they built and the communities they helped shape.


Runaway inflation and rising taxes squeeze everyone, and irresponsible spending can cannibalize a community from within. You can count on me to make responsible financial decisions that benefit our local economy, businesses, and families. 

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