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From the Frontline to the County Line
Leadership Forged in Service

El Paso County residents are facing compound challenges that threaten our livelihood: an inflationary economy, growth that is outpacing our infrastructure, reckless border policy, and state government encroachment on our local autonomy.

With an unbroken dedication to public safety and military service tracing all the way back to middle school, Kris Guido brings a boots-on-the-ground perspective to sound policymaking and governance that will help El Paso County's families and businesses thrive.


We live in a beautiful place. But it won't stay that way if we don't balance land use and resource management decisions with building and maintaining infrastructure that supports it.


I grew up in a border town.

We cannot allow those problems here. Reckless border policy threatens to bring drugs, crime, and overwhelming waste to our backyard.

I support legal immigration, and I take a strong stance against sanctuary cities.


Families have a budget.

Politicians should too.

I will prioritize necessities, eliminate waste, and ensure taxpayer dollars are used efficiently and responsibly.

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